Take Time Tuesday: Praying for Boston

Live Half Full

My morning run today was for Boston. For those who have lost their safety, their limbs, and their lives. For those who can no longer run and enjoy life as I can because of the cruelty of some in our world. I did write a brief post about Boston last night, but looking back, I don’t think I was able to do it justice. I was so speechless and my thoughts were so jumbled that it was just…a mess. So I’ve trashed that one, and now that I’ve had some time to process, and a good run under my belt, hopefully my thoughts will be clearer.

I never considered myself a runner up until very recently, after I had finished 8 and 9 miles in, for me, awesome times. It was then that I started thinking, I want to do this for the rest of my life. I never want to let this go–the wind in my hair, the ground under my feet, the freedom, the pride. The sheer peace that settles over me as more and more distance flies under my feet.

One of the things I still don’t understand, and probably will never understand, is what kind of person would want to take this away from so many people. It is an achievement in and of itself to even¬†qualify for the Boston, but to run it, regardless of your time, is something else. It’s a celebration for the hard work you’ve put in all of your life. It’s a confirmation from the rest of the world that you’ve made it. I can’t even imagine the pride and the joy that one must feel to finish the Boston. Why would anyone ever want to take that away from someone? To mar something so pure, so innocent, so wonderful–it just doesn’t make sense to me.

I haven’t been a part of the running community for long, either. I’m in my 6th week of training for my half-marathon, and prior to that, I didn’t care much for running. However, in these past 5 weeks, I’ve been embraced with open arms, supported through trials and tribulations, and congratulated for my successes, and so much more. The running community is one of the strongest, most dedicated, most loving communities I’ve ever been a part of or seen.

I’m wearing yellow and blue today with a heavy heart, but also with pride to be part of such an amazing, strong, fearless, dedicated, and supportive community.¬†After reading so many posts about Boston, and reading many blogs on a regular basis, I know that the running community will pull through this and overcome it. We’re not going to let it stand in our way. Because that’s what runners are made of.


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