New Almond Butter Appreciation

So (1) I know it’s slightly later than I usually post in the evenings and (2) I don’t have a whole lot of time so I’m going to keep this on the shorter end. You can blame both on inorganic. I just got back from a review session, during which I was completely confused for the entire hour and a half.

Also, on my way back, I saw a lady who was either trying to break into a car or who was locked out of hers. Hopefully the latter! ;)

Backing up to dinner!


Almond butter, straight from the jar. Jokes, that was just my appetizer.


Actual dinner was a salad, topped with baked sweet potato, roasted zucchini, portobello mushrooms, and black beans with lime vinaigrette. I haven’t had a salad in a while. Gotta love when your body craves the good stuff! I’m also so happy that our servery had good portobello mushrooms out today, instead of their raw little baby mushrooms.

Dessert (part 1) was the highlight of the meal.


Per Sora’s suggestion, I tried strawberries and what was left of my honey almond butter. Um, can you say complete flavor explosion? My absolute new favorite way to eat almond butter. If you’ve never tried this, do it. Now. Drop everything you’re doing and go. It’s that good.

This got me thinking about other fruit-and-nut-butter combinations. Aside from the obvious apple+nut butter, I think pear+nut butter would be spectacular. Definitely going to try that as soon as I get home!

Dessert part two was one scoop of vanilla ice cream mixed with one scoop of chocolate ice cream…you know how McDonald’s has (or used to have, I haven’t been there in a long while) the soft serve where you can get a swirl? Yeah, like that. It was wonderful. But, dear body, you need to stop wanting ice cream. If you could get on that ASAP, that’d be wonderful.

Fun Factoid of the Day

According to Wall Street Journal, a dietitian is the 16th best job of 2013. The only doctors in the top 50 are psychiatrists (37) and general practitioners (45). A career as a dietitian isn’t looking too bad right now…especially since inorganic is about to completely kill my science GPA.

I hope all of y’all have a great evening! See you tomorrow! (Also, I’m going to be having a fancy lunch tomorrow–details to come!)

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10 thoughts on “New Almond Butter Appreciation

    • I prefer almond over peanut–not sure why, just kind of worked out that way. But yes, everything is so much better with nut butters! Almond butter + bananas is basically my afternoon snack 3/4 of the week. :)

    • I’ve never physically put honey in nut butter, I just buy Justin’s Honey Almond Butter. But that sounds like a fantastic idea! …I do have a little bit of chocolate hazelnut butter left…I like where this is going. ;)

    • Frozen banana + chocolate protein powder + almond (or any other nut) butter + whatever kind of milk you prefer (I use almond, but that’s because I try to stay away from soy and I don’t like cow milk) = my favorite smoothie of all time.

      I feel like nut butters taste good on pretty much anything, so it’s hard to go wrong with any combination. ;)

      • I have! I’ve never tried it with mangoes, just because mangoes are only served at certain times here, which coincidentally don’t coincide when I make my post-run smoothies. I’ll definitely try that combination when I get home! I LOVE coconut milk! It’s cheaper to buy almond milk though…sigh.

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